About Us

2020 Changed Us!

2020 changed many people’s lives. After fifteen years working in the events, hospitality, and meetings industry, when the pandemic hit, my job, along with thousands of others was decimated. Although devastating, it was also an opportunity to try something different. A chance to walk a new path.

Our Story

What began as a tiny kernel of an idea that captured my imagination, with creative passion, blossomed into not only a new business, but a new life. The evolution of WISH POPS.

Popcorn is a Lot Like LIFE!

Freshly popped, it is a blank slate, with a million opportunities. Savory, sweet or something in between, it can take on any flavor, and transform into something totally different. A kernel of popcorn is perfect simplicity. When color, spice and toppings are added, it only enhances the beauty of that piece of corn, that reached its ultimate potential. I never imagined that popcorn would become my life’s perfect metaphor, but it did just that.

Kelly Girnas


Kelly Girnas

Wish Pops was created with the idea that one can fulfill a dream, while also doing good within the community. A portion of each sale is donated to a local children’s charity.


NEWS: Meet Kelly of Wish Pops

Vogage Dallas

May 10, 2021

Kelly, we appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Where does your story begin?
After 15 years in the event and tourism industry, when Covid began, my career ended. I have always enjoyed cooking and creating. I started experimenting with flavored popcorn. My family and friends enjoyed the popcorn so much, they encouraged me to sell it. Wish Pops was born. As things begin to open up and celebrations begin again, I hope to plan more “popcorn popups” and themed events. READ MORE