WISH POPS is always adding new flavors.  We also offer seasonal and holiday specialties.


* Doorstep delivery within DFW area: $10.00 – * Shipping outside DFW area: $8.00
* Orders over $50.00: DFW doorstep delivery and shipping are FREE of charge.

Current flavors:

“Big D” Pop


Caramel Drizzle

WishPops Caramel

Cheesy Pop

Cherry White

Chinese Five Spice

Choco Chile


WishPops Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Pop Glam

If 1980’s popcorn had a flavor, it would be POP GLAM! A little Dynasty and a bit of Flashdance. Slightly sweet, ivory kernels, drizzled with pink chocolate & dusted with colorful sugar crystals.Edible metallic sprinkles add over the top Glam!

Island Pop

The Gilligan’s Island crew would have loved this popcorn! Hawaiian Blue flavored popcorn, is paired with dried pineapple chunks, macadamia nuts and flaky coconut. Bon Voyage!

“Manchee” Pop

Here’s one for the guys – although the ladies will enjoy it as well. Seasoned barbecue flavored popcorn mixed with cheddar cheese. A perfect tailgating snack, or Neflix Nosh.

Pop Rocks

WishPops PopRock

Pizza Pop

WishPops Pizza

Taco Pop

Tuscany Pop

Wish Pops is available in most school/team colors.



Individually packaged bags:

Small – 3 cup serving $5.00

Medium – 6 cup serving $15.00

Large – 9 cup serving $20.00

Extra Large – 15 cup serving $25.00

Half Batch option – equals 30 cups $40.00

Wish Pops “Puffles”

Wish Pops “Puffles”, are deliciously rich chocolate truffles, generously rolled in crushed flavored popcorn. Our delicious invention is available in dark, milk or white chocolate, with or without salty caramel drizzle.


6 Piece  $10.00

12 Piece  $15.00

20 Piece  $25.00